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Intro to Zen by Harada Roshi

(Subtitles. After starting video, click lower right hand button for full screen. In class, we started at about 4:30)

Abbot of Sogenji monastery in Okayama, Japan, Harada Roshi is a Zen teacher in the direct lineage of Hakuin. The Sogenji website, is a wonderful source of information and great place to get the vibe of life and study in a formal Zen setting.

Harada's clear message:

1. Put your body in order.

2. Put your mind in order.

3. Put your life in order.


As you take in the teaching on, you will notice that while most is perfectly in line with our own, there seem to be some contradictions.

Most notably: Harada Roshi teaches to carefully regulate the breathing, while we usually just take a few nice breaths and then let the breathing happen naturally. Also, if you go deep enough into the Q & A's on the site (recommended!) you may discover the Harada Roshi calls drifting away from conscious awareness a "gap", we have been calling the spaces in between thoughts the gap.

Fun site. Lots there that is interesting, authentic, beautiful and useful.


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