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In Tantra the principles of yin and yang (Tibetan yab/yum) are studied to the point of dissolution. Beyond harmony, Tantra seeks union. To more easily experience the dawn of unity, a consort to play with may be valuable. Melting into the other, the self is enriched. Male and female dissolve into each other, awakening the coexistence of the inner opposite. This exercise and exploration is represented by a classical thangka (Tibetan scroll painting), a workshop with people doing one of the many Yab/Yum exercises, and a new impression or the energy of the practitioners. (Click on picture for an expanded view.)

Playing with the consort in yab/yum is a step along the way. However, is only a step, and it may not be necessary. Since it is our own inherent nature that is being awakened and energized, the eventual point of yab/yum work is the power and the skill to evoke yab/yum alone, without dependency on the other.


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